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Stay SoLYD

Stay SoLYD...youth development still depends on your support

SoLYD was set up to help bridge the funding gap caused by Luton Town’s relegation and the consequent loss of any Football League financial support for youth development.  The club’s board has given the YD department massive financial backing as they too see it as an essential building block for the future of the club and part of the club’s commitment to the community.

Now the club is back in the Football League they are once again eligible for funding for youth development.  But – and it’s a big but - although they can apply for funding to attain academy status, the club must match any funding from the Football League, pound for pound.

So we will continue to raise funds through SoLYD to support the fantastic work of the Youth Development department and we can only do that with your continued support.  Your direct debits and other donations are the corner stone of our fundraising activity and we appreciate every penny that you donate.  We hope that you will continue to back us. 


The club needs youth development.

The Youth Development department needs SoLYD.

SoLYD needs you and your valuable financial support.


Your donations will help the club push on and bring young players through.  It’s the John Still way. It’s the Luton Town way.  And it’s the way we can continue to help our club grow….on a SoLYD foundation.


Thank you for all your support so far and in the future.


SoLYD Gold

It’s SoLYD Gold!

Thanks to all you Hatters fans for your great suggestions for a name for the SoLYD


We are delighted to announce that the new fundraising pint will be called

SoLYD Gold. It’s a fundraiser for SoLYD and let’s be honest how else could

we describe this season, the players and management other than pure gold?

Three different Hatters fans all suggested the name so congratulations to  

Steve Bailey, Tim Davis & Peter Langdon. All three will be invited as special guests to

the launch of SoLYD Gold on 17-April.

Look out for full details of the launch event very shortly.

Cheers & COYH!


ltfc offical